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A little advice for love

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Love, love & love.
 It's all matter in this world. 
Without love, we never born into this world. 
Without love, our world is really boring & Without love, we didn't know how precious life is.

Adult always said that teenagers didn't know what is true love means. 
Maybe that's right, but we as teenagers deserve felt loved by someone.
But because of that too, it can ruin our life. Yes, heartbreak.

Today i want to share most of teenagers love problem (A&Q)

1. Q : I just have a relationship, but we always fighting about somethings that actually not important at all. I don't know what to do now.
A : Both of you just too emotional at that time, that's why small things can be problem. You must know deeply about him/her personality deeply. Is that his/her true character or not. Don't forget to evaluate yourself, don't blame at him/her at all, because we don't know whose fault it.

2. Q : I have a boyfriend, but he didn't care about me. He's only love to do his own things, like hobby, work & his friends. What i should do now?
A : All you have to do is tell him that you need him, you need his care. Nothing can change if you don't say what you feel. But if he have his own reason why he do that, you must understand his condition. Don't be selfish & stubborn. Because relationship is about 2 person who understand each other. Everything is back to yourself & your patience

3. Q : I really love my boyfriend, but.......... i think his ex/his self still have feeling with each other. What i must to do now? Back off?
A : That's what everyone afraid of, whom we love love someone else especially his ex. If you ask him, he wouldn't tell the truth. 80% is a lie. But someday when he really fall in love with you, he'll tell you the truth. Just believe in him.

4. Q : My boyfriend have an ex and she's really beautiful..... i felt myself can't compared with her.
A : Don't be afraid to compare yourself with his ex. He has his own reason why he choose you. Be youself & confident! Every woman is beautiful, it's back to her own way want to be beautiful or not. Beautiful is not about physical but about personality too. 60% man prefer to have a girlfriend & wife who have beautiful personality than who only look beautiful physically.

5. Q : I want to know how to dividing time for boyfriend, study & friends! i'm getting confused because cannot handle this.
A : It's all back to you dear. Now, take some notes and make "what is your priority". Like at 7 pm you study and 10 pm you have a call with your boyfriend and when you're in school, you consentrate at all when studying and when break time & weekend you have fun with your friends. Something like that.

6. Q : I just broke up with my boyfriend... what i must to do now.... it's deep & hurt so much.... i cannot stop crying and i just take this feeling alone. I want him but our condition didn't allow us.
A : Tears cannot change anything. It must be a reason why you and him getting over that. God have his own way why he like this to you. And remember, what you want is doesn't mean it was the best for you. Someday, you'll find someone else eventhough now it's really hard. Nowadays, a lot of girl/boy can change their partner easily but sometimes there are some of teenagers who decide to stay. It's up to you want to stay or not. Shed your tears, and open your eyes, you're young and you have a lot of things to make your life more colourfull. Broke up is not the end the end of the world. Be strong and find your own happiness dear.

7. Q : Is having a relationship must be hugging, kissing and stuff like that?
A : No, relationship is about 2 people sharing their story of life, their happiness & sadness and giving support & complementary each other. Holding hands, hugging, kissing is just one way to show your love, there are still  many kinds of way to show your love like caring etc. But remember, love yourself. Love & lust is different.

8. Q : How do we know when someone is loving us from their deepest heart not only words? and whether true love is really exist or not? because now a lot of teenagers didn't really care about true love anymore.
A : Of course. Maybe a lot of people didn't care about true love anymore or they don't believe there are still "good boys/girls" in this world. I know it's really hard to find, but believe me, someday you'll find someone who is different like the other and he/she can love you from the way you are not the way she/he want to be. Is he/she really love you from the deepest heart, they'll protect you as hard as she/he could. Not only because obigation but that was his/her small heart said.

9. Q : When do we know if we really love someone or only like/interest? i don't know this feeling for a boyfriend, friend, brother or else.
A : When your heart is palpitate so hard when you meet him, when you're feel safe when you are with him, when you can accept what he is not what you want him to be, when you can accept his advantages & disadvantages, when you still can forgive him whatever the problem is, when you're missing him like hell if you he didn't contact you, when you can stay patient no matter happen, when you're not maintain image & act silly together when you are with him, when you're crying when something bad happen to him, when you want to give surprise or something precious to him although it's hard, when you're heart is hurt seeing him with someone else, when you really enjoy your togetherness and want the time to stop & when you feel happy when he got his happiness eventhough it's hurt you, that's means you really love him so effin much.

10. Q : I don't know why, but there are a lot of people who didn't like me having a relationship with him. They still stalkering us and  it's disturb me. Are we not that match?
A :  It's not that you didn't match with him. They have a reason why they do that, right? Maybe they're jealous with you or they like/love your boyfriend, maybe they don't like you or else. What i can is : in this world, there must be a person who didn't like us. It must be. So, just ignore them, patient & enjoy your lovelife. Patient didn't mean lost, patient is the key of happiness. Patient is better than overcome that with anger & violence. What you give is what you get. So just keep calm & be patient for all of your problem. Insyaallah, your problem can be solved easily.

11. Q : If your boyfriend who you really love and he love you so much as you do said that he want to marry you and want you to be your wife but at the fact it won't happen because a lot of reason, maybe like family problem, what should i do now? it's deep for me.. i trust his word and even preparing myself to be his wife.

A : It must be really hard to feel that way but what happen, happens. What you can do is understand his condition. Nothing you can do except that. I know it must be hard, but you must be elate. We don't know what our future will be. Maybe you'll ended up with him or someone else. We don't know but keep believing in God. God must be give us the best in this life. He have his own faith for us.

So, all of those above are only a slight of love life's problem. All based on what i've seen, experiences, etc. The reason why i write this post is because i just became a listener and give social support to my closest friends lately. And i just thought, why i don't made as a resume incase anyone out there is need it as a help? And once again, i'm just saying, i don't mean to absorb anyone. Sorry if there were words are wrong. Honesty i just want to make you remember you're not alone. And it's okay if you're feeling well cause your love story. But take in mind, love is not all about boyfriend. Because you already loved since you're born in this world without you knowing that. Person who can accept you for who you are inside and out, and it's called Family 

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