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Warm Weather

8:59 AM

I'm currently in the mood of melancolic, let's just say i'm currently enjoy every little-single times i had, listen to classic and relaxing music, reduce stress, filling my brain with positive thought, more grateful less grumble, and the most important is smile, laugh, and be happy. Yes, i'm trying to be a better person personally and i just want to enjoy myself yet knowing myself who really am. Felt so relieved and now i'm in my best condition! :)

Anyway it's been a warm weather (or hot?) nowadays in my current study-city. It's cloudy and settled. It's make me relaxed more and more. Warm in heart and warm weather. How nice. 

Pardon my swelter face, sun became too hot suddenly >.<

I really love this Muaya Clothing Creme Top. It's fit in my body perfectly and i just love how the hands section flow elegantly :3

What i wore : 
Muaya Clothing Creme Top, Blink Necklace (Worn as Headband), The Little Things She Needs Ring, Macaroons Closet Pants, IwearUP Lucy Garden Wedges

& Last a little quotes from Gordon B. Hindkley
“In all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” 
May you have a great great day everyone! ♥

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