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Random Things In Mind

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"Not everything we want can be achieved in this world. We only can keep trying & trying. Result not really matter. In the middle of your effort, it must be a gravel. Don't give up, positive thinking & try again. "Failure is the beginning of success" not only quote, it's true. Pray to God and do your best. Everyone in this world can have what they want as long as they keep believe. If you still didn't get what you want, it means God have another plan for you, much better than you expect. Be strong, don't care about what other people think about you, the one who know you can do it or not it's only you. The one who can change you is yourself. 
Be confident & reach your goals."

"Sometimes, you just need to relax. Escape for a while from your problem in this small world. Don't be too pushful or you'll get stress and cannot think at all. Problem always come to our life, everyday, every hour, every minute & every second. You have 2 choices to face that : don't care at all or pretend not to care. Try to not care is difficult, but if you worry to that problem too much, it'll makes your brain stuck & only make you despreate. It's a good thing if you want to solve that, but sometimes time can solve that by itself. But remember this, don't say "sorry" if you never make a mistake. Every people in this world must have problem, that problem makes them grow up or make them despreate. It's all back to yourself again."

"Love. This word have a lot of meaning in our life. Love is everywhere, family, friends, lover & expecially God. Love can makes we have spirit or harming ourself. You have to be grateful if the love you had is makes you become much better than before, but when it's only hurt you, you know what's the best for yourself. Patient is the key, but in the end the one who make decision is yourself.  You maybe didn't find the love yet, but someday you'll find it. Don't expect love from someone if you don't spread the love from yourself, everything has an outcome. And don't give someone love when you felt this person is bad for you. Being kind is good, but when you find out you being used by someone, it's not good anymore. 
You are entitled to have happiness from love"

"If i can come back to that time" is what people always want right know. Change the bitter past to the bright. But in the fact, we can't do that, it's only a dream. What's done is done. You only can look back but cannot change that and sometimes it makes you dissapointed. What you can do is trying as much as you can at this moment. Not past, not future, but now. Make your own bright future since now. No more regret, bad feeling or something like that but now look at yourself and say : i'm a good person, i can do this and i will be better than yesterday. As long as you think positively, you can have what you want because what we get is all back to our mindset (it's true). Believe in youself, don't depends on other 
because the one who know what you want is yourself

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