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Believe in yourself

9:19 AM

"Failure not the end of the world. Remember this quote? Failure is the key of success. Imagine that your failure at the moment is only a stepping stone for your bright future. Proud of being yourself, do your best, reach your goals, pray to God, postitive thinking, manage your time, changes the bad things into the good things, be strong, don't give up & keep believing is what you need to be success. Don't ever look at the result, but appraise the effort. Everything start from a good idea to good attitute after that good habit and last, good result.
 Let's make our own happiness ☺"

"Don't ever wasting your time. Life is only came once & time cannot be playback. If you ever felt regret because of something, so learn to appraise time from now. This is your life, you are the one who decide want to feel happiness or sadness, not anyone else but you. You can get help and support from everyone but the one you can depend on is yourself. Don't ever feel shy to admit your inadequacy, nobody perfect. Be patient and elate when you're facing a problem. Within a problem, there are meanings that are stored. Life isn't fun enough if there isn't any obstacle, right? so, just be happy and enjoy your life ✌"

"Nothing in this world is easy to reached, everything needs a sacrifice. Which would you choose? happiness that have been defined or happiness that you specify and achieve by yourself? At the end, it's come back to you, you know which is the best for you ♡"

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  1. great sentences honey, they are as truth as the life!

    have a nice weekend!


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