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It's called Cinammon Love Story

9:20 PM

Hi everyone! In this post i'm gonna share my photoshoot captured by some of my friends which located in my dorm's yard. Lucky me that i have dorm yard like this, personally i feel in love in first sight with this dorm because they have such a beautiful yard and this tiny cutie wood house. For my Instagram friends, you maybe already saw a few of this pics. Well, please enjoy :)

I'm sooo in love with this outfit, not only because the overal theme is pink which is my favorite colour, but because this outfit include such a cute pattern in my sweater and my wedges too. Both of them is soo comfy that makes me can wear it in every occasion! 
Major love! ♥

What i wore : 
KEVAS.CO Anniversarry Sweater, Forever 21 Flower Headpiece, Handbag from Bangkok, The Little Things She Needs Ribbon Belt, Skirt from Bangkok, & Lucy Garden Wedges from IwearUP

Personally i'm into sweater mood right now because the weather in Jakarta sooo unpredictable.. The flood, the heavy rain, the crazy trafficjam. Gosh, what happen into Jakarta? ☹ I'm one of Jakarta resident feel so pity heard of the news like that. Lucky me i stay in some areas which not affected by flood. My pray & deepest condolence for you guys out there who became the victim of this situation. Hope everything will be better and we as Jakarta resident must make a changes into this situation. Well, like some small thing like throw our garbage into the right place. Small things but seriously do matter! ☺ Let's make a change!

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  1. hi ghin! nice to know your blog!
    iya kita sefikom ya hehe
    i've followed your blog too ya :)
    keep in touch!


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