Cute Polka Dotted Pink Bow Tie Ribbon Fighting! - Colored Canvas


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"You are the leader for your own life, increase or decrease is depends on your choice. Nothing can come back, what have been done is done. Don't ever regret it, is useless, only give bad effect for you. Be positive, who else can give you praise except youself? God always looks our life & He always have a better faith for us if we didnt get what we want. He always fair. Look around, there are more more people who have unlucky life than you, you must be grateful. Problem is come to make you strong, not for make you weak. Confident, pray & do the best. You were born to be a winner, we all the winner if we can use our life more useful. Time cannot go back, even 1 seconds ago. Never give up. Fight for what you want, reach the goals. Nothing is impossible. The only failure in this life is never want to try. If you can dream, you can do it. Maintain your expectation. What would you spend the first in this life? failure? or success first? Failure right? after failed so many times, you'll find your success. Good luck always siding with those who think well :)"

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