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Beauty Bar Indonesia Hair Salon & Nail Art Review

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Hi! When was the last time you get a hair cut? 
For me it's been a while, i think it's around January 2016 (not include bangs) and so my hair had become so messy and shapeless >.< To be honest, i never had a serious issue with my hair, it's only the flatness and a little bit of hair fall. But since i got my hair coloured for the second time, i felt my hair suddenly change. My hair turned limp, the hair fall out more, and it cause my hair to lose its luster. I love my brownish hair but i need it to stay healthy! So i think it's time to chop down and say bye bye to the unhealthy hair.

Salon of choice:
Beauty Bar Indonesia Hair Salon & Nail Art
Jalan Bintaro Utama 9 JB 1 No 8. Bintaro Jaya. Tangerang, Banten – Indonesia
 Ph. (+6221) 7455650 | Monday – Sunday ( 07.00 AM – 19.00 PM )

I found out that recently Jakarta had variety of Salon that offers cute decoration & great ambiance. I think it's a pretty good innovation tho, cause we as a customer need not only the service but also the cosiness. But since i'm *ehem* a South Tangerang based girl, i've been curious to find out is there any salon like that in my nearby area. Thanks to internet and their social media, i decided to come to Beauty Bar Indonesia, the Salon that steal my attention. So, let's see how it works! :D 

I spent my mid-afternoon Sunday in there and the first thing i can say is : i'm in love with the decoration! It's clean, homey, and has a touch of shabby chic vibe. Totally love it! Not forget to mention the hospitality and ambiance is quite nice. I asked the receptionist to get hair cut and choose to go with the female stylist. Looking at the menu and pricelist, Beauty Bar Indonesia offers a lot of treatment from head to toe. Start from hair service (hair cut, blow out, hair coloring, highlight, smoothing/rebonding, perm, hair massage treatment), nail service & nail polish, facial, makeup application, and also waxing & treading.

Hair Washing Station

As a pastel lover, i do love the color palette that Beauty Bar Indonesia used. Everything's into white, violet, and baby blue or mint. Look at the hair washing station! ♫ Anyway, i get my hair washed by Mba Mia. She told me that Beauty Bar Indonesia already settled for two years and currently had 2 locations, the first one is in Bintaro and the second one is in Darmawangsa. There is no difference between them, except the one in Darmawangsa is slightly bigger than in Bintaro. Ps : Beauty Bar Indonesia can also be booked for event or private party!

Overall, i do enjoy the washing process. It's energized (well i love when it comes to massage) but didn't hurt my hair scalp like most of salon did. And i love the smell of their shampoo! So refreshing. They also put attention to our preferences too, they will asked if we want to get washed by cold/lukewarm water and want to use conditioner or not.

After getting my hair washed. Oh, hello little mucnskin! 
Yes, incase you're wondered, Beauty Bar Indonesia surely has a comfortable atmosphere with a professional salon treatments for all ages and gender. When i was there, there's a lot of lil girl that enjoy their treatments together with their mom or accompanied with their dad and the daddy took a photo of her. So cute! But it's not only for kiddos, there's a lot of teenager or grown up pampered themself in this salon.

My hair was cut by Mba Ria as the female stylist. I told her about my current hair condition and how to deal with it. She told me that it can be two causes, between my hair is too long thus made it heavy or dyed hair problem ☹ She also recommend toning to make my hair healthy again. It cost around IDR 400.000 and 30 minutes. I was interested but sadly don't have time because i need to go somewhere else after this. Long story short, Mba Ria asked me how long i wanna cut my hair. At first i want to keep my hair length still long like before, only give it more layered and volume. But suddenly i change my mind and ask for a shorter hair. Idk, i think i want some difference and freshness. And the result is..............

Front Profile

Back and Side Profile

Before and After
Tadaa~ i love it! I know it's not that drastically short but it just made me happy that my hair become lighter and finally has it shape ♡  Personaly i'm pretty impressed with the result that doesn't even made me miss my long hair (you know the feeling when you already cut your hair and regret the decision, right?). Even without toning, i can feel my hair become more healthier than before. Super yayy! Oh, i only spend IDR 125.000 for this treatment. I think it's pretty affordable for cutting (include blow curly) especially you can have the cozy atmosphere and feel like princess for a day, lol. I'm gonna put the pricelist below.

Last but not least, i'm gonna show you a couple pics of this salon details. Beauty Bar Indonesia's staff is super kind and friendly that even offered me for a room tour. Thank you for also helping me to take several pics cause i came only by myself that day hehee ☺♥

Pedicure Section
Room 1 (middle) for Hair and Nail service
Nail Polish Section
Room 2 (back) for Hair and Nail service
Salon supplies
Facial Room (2nd floor)
Room 3 (2nd floor) for Hair and Nail service

And this is the end of the room tour for Beauty Bar Indonesia in Bintaro. What do you think about the salon and my new hair? #flippinghair. Now i know where to pampered myself when go back home in South Tangerang. I'm a satisfied customer and definitely will be coming back! Would love to try another treatment in the future. 

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Thank you so much for reading and see ya in the next post, beauties!
*All result is based on my personal opinion and my own money

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  1. Tempatnya lucu banget, tapi kayaknya gak ada ruang khusus untuk berhijab ya? hehe

    xoxo, Kartika


  2. tempatnya lucuuk :D
    rapih juga, mau perawtan bakalan betah kayaknya :D

  3. And surprisingly, harga2nya juga affordable yah ternyata!

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  5. kak mau tanya kameranya pake apa ya? makasih kak ��������

  6. treatment di salon kecantikan yang paling murah apa ka?


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