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Dare To Be Bold? Maybelline Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Review

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Hello ladies! It's time for another full swatches of lippie products, and for today I'm gonna introduce you to the newly launched Maybelline Color Sensational - The Loaded Bolds series ♡  I think you guys already know how much I loved Maybelline products, especially their range of lippies based on how many reviews I've made about them earlier >.< But I'm so excited for this post, because it has a new variation and unique color which they never released before! Forget about nude and 'safe' colour, let's join with me and be brave with #MaybellineLoadedBolds.

We can easily find many browns, pinks, reds, and plums color lip products on the market nearby that can be look alike sometimes. But how about stand out by putting blue, white, or black colour on your lips? Yes, surprise surpise! this Maybelline Loaded Bolds coming with some interesting and unconventional colour such as Blue, White, and White. And for your alternative to be bold, they also provide some vibrant shades of pink, red, and purple. Their entire collection may consist 20 shades (include grey & berry colour), but in Indonesia they only available in 12 shades. I got all of them thanks to Sociolla and gonna share my thoughts with you.

What's Maybelline says
Beyond bold, it’s sensational. Achieve high-impact color in one saturated stroke with Maybelline’s The Loaded Bolds lipstick.Color Sensational® Loaded Bolds Lipstick. Maybelline’s creamy lip color is available in a collection of full-spectrum shades from jet black to bright white. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. (Source: Maybelline's Website)

Inspired by the rising trend of bold in the Runways and Fashion Week, Maybelline launched The #LoadedBolds in a range of pigment-loaded shades from deep plums and electric blues to vibrant reds and natural nudes for you, Trendista and Independent Girl Next Door. 
  • Delivers high-impact color in one saturated stroke.
  • Sumptuous honey nectar leaves a creamy finish.
  • An opaque, creamy clay base deliver one-stroke intensity.

So besides of the beautiful and untraditional color, Maybelline The Loaded Bolds is claimed to have a strong colour payoff in just one swipe. And I can't agree more with that! These are by far some of the most pigmented drugstore lipstick I got in my hand with a very pleasant, easy to apply formula. It rich in pigments that I only need a single glide to fulfil my lips. It also glides so smoothly, creamy, and applies easily without dragging on my lips (but obviously don't ever forget to use your lip balm first as always). 

Anyway, this range of lippies are generally opaque in one swipe, but I had some problem with the top 3 unique shades (blue, black, and white) that kinda look patchy on my lips. So I had to apply several times and need some help of lip brush / lip liner to make it even on my natural lip line. All shades I've tried had a certain slick feel with a hint of a shine finish. But the texture dries quickly tho and becomes a good, long lasting matte ♥

Now let's talk about the packaging. Just like the iconic and identical Color Sensational, this range of The Loaded Bolds are also having the sturdy square transparant tube and has the silver tube inside, but this time they change the semi-sheer color into navy blue! It look simple, very sleek and quite classy but it's has a plus & minus when you have multiple colours just like me. If you had Maybelline Color Sensational before you might already know that all the information about products is only attached to the extra plastic that wrapped around the products. It contains the name of range, ingredients, details of manufacturer, barcode, and expired date. 

Maybelline Color Sensational - The Loaded Bolds Review
So after you open the plastic packaging, it will end up like a transparent navy blue & silver tube lipstick. The good news is, you can exchange all the lid without worry you put the correct shades or not because all of them looks exactly the same. But on the other side, you might feel confused because you need to swivel each around to check the name on the label at the bottom of the product every single time. But overall, I love how it’s super convenient storage wise with a lightweight material. And yup, a travel-friendly product :) 

So here’s a sneaky peek of all the new shades! And just like their name, this collection contains bold and vibrant shades of lippies which perfect to make you stand out on your special occasion or even accompany you for editorial posed. I know maybe some of you thinking that it's not your go-to lippies color, but believe me all the color turns out beautiful and even suitable for daily use. Another fun fact, you can play around to do some mixed and match with the colour by using some lighter (white) or darker (black) shades to create entirely new shades (I suggest mixing up with spatula & palette and storing in a jar for later use). They are a great extension to your existing lipstick collection, especially if you're a makeup artist. Ready to see some swatches? 

So here's the full swatches on my hand. Got your fav shades already? ^^v Now let's see how it goes on my lips from these photos below (plus a lil description to describe the shades)~

The darkest shades from the collection. I might say that it isn’t quite as pigmented compared to the other shades and have some streaky feeling a lil bit. I never thought I would like to be a black-lipstick gal, but I actually really like how it turns out on my lips! Maybe not for daily use that makes others questioned me lol, but for a photo shoot or maybe the upcoming halloween season? It is a medium-dark black with a natural sheen and best applied with a lip brush. I'd like to also use it for alter the depth of another lipstick too.

Ho-ho-ho. Never in a million times, I'd think that I'm gonna wear white lippies and yet here we are ♪ Wickedly White is a cool white with a satin finish that I think it's better to work as a base product to make other shades looks more intense or maybe as a pair to make some gradient lips. Don't get me wrong, the colour is highly pigmented that you can also use by itself, but sadly it's not working for me. The more I applied into my lips, the more uneven it is. But it surely does a great job when I tried to mix it with other lipsticks. 

The only blue color in the entire collection that I got (I heard they also had Sapphire Siren and Midnight Blue in the US release - the more deeper blue shades). Audacious Blue is a beautiful royal blue shades with some electric vibes that definitely pop up our entire face. Among all the three unique shades, this colour is so far applied better and non-patchy finished, but I'd still recommend pairing it with a lip liner to help you with the edge of your lip line

Omg! Trust me, I never falling in love with brown colour lippies like how much I love this shades. Chocoholic is an intense medium red-toned warm chocolate brown that has a super creamy texture to apply and highly pigmented in just one swipe. I know from the very first time I tried this shades, I'm gonna love it so badly. I think it is a beautiful shade to flatter every complexion and perfect for every occasion. My favourite color after all! ♥

Moving on into the vibrant shade, Dynamite Red is a chilli red with a vivid orange tone that can brighten up our face. This shades can be a hit or miss. I think it goes well with some people that have warm and pale skin tone. If you have too much pink tone in your skin, then this might not be your colour. But that's the fun things about makeup right? there are no rules for makeup~

Brace up yourself, this shades is might looks so similar to Dynamite Red XD but what differentiates this Sunny Coral is more orangey & a tad brighter though. It's perfect for summer and play around to create some colourful makeup, I think?  With only 1-2 coats, it can gives you pop of color and brighten up most skin tones. 

Midnight Date is a vampy darkened red, a beautiful burgundy color. It's a deeper, winier red, and just like a classic cherry red with a bit of grungy vibes. Even for me whom not a red lippies person, this color is truly eye catching and absolutely the one that I need on makeup stash. It's kinda similar to Berry Bossy shades which I'm gonna talk later but it has more reddish undertone instead of pink. I think it's lovely to use this shades for romantic dinner time or formal ocassion.

Still with some reddish colour, Smoking Red is a retro bright proper red with neutral undertones that looks absolutely gorgeous and works in every skin tones. It might be not my everyday go-to lip colour but it would be nice to become one my HG for my dancing performance! I bet it would look stunning onstage. But I know a lot of people would love to use this shade for daily basis, because it's already beautiful in real life indeed. 

And it's time for some pinkish colour from the collection~ Raspberry Rendezvouz is a fabulous warm-toned vivid hot pink that works perfectly for an instant pop up on the lips. The lipstick shapes the lips very well that we didn’t even need a lip liner. And I love the fact that this hot pink is so bright but also very wearable. Another plus, it even makes my lips look supple. It's surely a lovely pink colour and flattering every complexion.

Calling all fuschia fans! Fierce Fuschia is a vibrant cool toned orchid-fuschia pink that reminds me of the signature Barbie lipstick colour. Yes, it's very pretty bright blue-based pink lipstick and a unique shade to own. It can simply brighten up your face and I thought it's great for cooler skin tones or a people who had light-medium complexion. 

As I mentioned earlier, this shades is kinda similar to Midnight Date shades but Berry Bossy is a red with a light of fuschia undertone. (I had a confusion to pick my fav between these two! lol) It's surely a beautiful berry red that's can be pulled of by any complexion and definitely the one you'd pick to look effortlessly pretty. Believe me, this shades is so fabulous and looks like a lovely rich wine shades that brings some elegant vibes.

And last but not least, lemme introduce you to the only purple shades I had in this collection. Fearless Purple is a gorgeous, bright pretty purple with a warmer undertone that can be pulled off by most complexions especially for medium one. It might be not everyone’s cup of tea, but surprisingly I kinda like it how it suit my lips well. This is a unique colour that you won't easily find among drugstore brands. And am I recommend this? Yes please~

As you may know, I'm not a fan of bold lip colours because I'm more into a peachy-coral or pink-nude gal, but I love the way Maybelline offering some uncommon shades for us to play mixed and match with it and surprisingly I'm loving it. I think the colour is absolutely stunning and the lipsticks also keep my lips feeling moist even though it has a creamy matte finish. It glides so easily, the pigmentation is top-notch, it gives saturated colour in just a single stroke (except for several color I've mentioned earlier) and also the staying power is greater than average too. Probably last 4-6 hours without any fading or drying of lips.

Because of the moist texture, this lipstick is still gonna be transfer a lil bit to your tableware once you eat or drink throughout the day, but it's not ruined all the pigmentation nor cracking like the lip cream. And not forget to mention, this lipstick also gives me a pretty pink stain (especially the last 3 shades) after using it which doesn't budge at all even if I tried to erase them so badly. But I kinda like it tho, because my original lip colour is so pale that sometimes if I eat something and my lippies fading, it turns out I look like sick and need to touch up immediately. So with these #LoadedBols no need to worry no more if I didn't bring any lip product with me. 

So here's my thought about this newly launched product! It's indeed a very comfortable lipstick to wear with a range of pretty and unconventional colour. And the good things about Maybelline is how budget friendly their products are. Yup, you can buy these gorgeous #MaybellineTheLoadedBolds for only IDR 105.000 at my favourite beauty destination, Sociolla. But you can always use my code SBNLAGAW before the check out to get 50.000 discount (for minimum purchase 250.000, t&c applied). I highly recommend to giving this lipstick a try. It’s definitely worth the money! Nevertheless, this shade range is awesome and I am looking forward to trying out more from them.
Do you love this product like I do, and want to get them for free? Surprise, surprise~
I'm collaborating with Maybelline & Sociolla to give 2 product of Maybelline The Loaded Bolds to my beloved readers. You can check my Instagram post and follow all the rules to enter my giveaway. I'm gonna pick 1 lucky person based on how many repost & active you are. This giveaway is gonna be held until September 26th, 2017, so make sure you don't miss it!
That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which lipstick shades you like the most! Have a nice day, Beauties ♡

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